Micromathematics and Macromathematics

Micromathematics and Macromathematics

  • Author Warfield, John N.
  • Publisher Proceedings Intnl. Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, IEEE, N.Y. (1986) 1127-1131.

    Building on Charles S. Peirce's ideas on symbolic logic and the organization of human knowledge, this is a presentation of a model of information-gathering and processing which will reliably and incrementally increase humanity's storehouse of accurate, usable scientific knowledge. In part, this paper is a protest against current enshrinement of the superficial and insufficient 'artificial intelligence', (a widely utilized methodology which is said to be superficial and insufficient to human needs). Includes discussion of the “Cosmic Partition,” which he introduced at the 1985 SGSR Annual meeting in Los Angeles in his paper "On the Choice of Frames for Systems Studies." 


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