Interpretive Structural Modeling Software

About ISM Software

Many versions of software to implement Interpretive Structural Modeling have been written since the first one was developed at Battelle Columbus Laboratories in 1974. We are grateful to Dr. Benjamin Broome and Dr. Michael Hogan, who have made their Windows ISM software available for free download here

The original MS-DOS-based software, along with a user's guide showing detailed examples, can be downloaded from George Mason University. However, this is of limited use as the source code has been lost, and the executables will not run on modern Windows platforms. We hope to rediscover the source code.

As the custodian of the Warfield legacy, the Trust is aware that other new ISM software using modern technology would be highly desirable, and we are supportive of any efforts in this direction.  

Designers of the Windows ISM Software Available Here

Dr. Benjamin Broome is Professor at Arizona State University, USA. His research foci include group facilitation, consensus-building processes, intercultural and intergroup dialogue, and collaborative problem-solving. He has facilitated collective design processes with community groups, NGOs, corporations, indigenous communities, academic institutions, and government agencies in the Eastern Mediterranean, Western Europe, Black Sea region, Australasia, and North America.  

Dr. Michael Hogan is a researcher and senior lecturer at NUI, Galway, Ireland.  His research foci include individual, social and technology factors contributing to adult learning, motivation, and collaborative performance. He is a co-director of the Structured PhD in Perception, Cognition and Action, co-director of the Structured PhD in Learning Sciences, and co-leader of the Health and Well-being theme at the Whitaker Institute for Innovation and Social Change, NUI, Galway. Michael has facilitated collective design processes for a variety of EU projects focused on environmental sustainability, technology design, and business development. 

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