Understanding Complexity: Thought and Behavior

  • Author Warfield, John N.
  • Publisher AJAR Publishing Company, Palm Harbor, Florida, x,268p manuscript. Isssued in Perfect Binding soft cover in March 2002. ISBN 9716962-0-9-6; ISBN 978-0-9716962-0-4 Copypright 2002 by John N. Warfield

This book explains a new science Warfield developed between 1970 and 2000. His Interactive Management system is the action branch of systems science, which springs from the foundations of a scientific theory outlined in this book.

The book began as a set of lectures, classroom handouts, seminars and small monographs organized in 1995 into a manuscript titled “Work Program of Complexity.”

In 1998, after an extensive revision with much new material added, Warfield changed the title to “A Structure Based Science of Complexity.” After a few more modifications until June 2001 he finalized the title as Understanding Complexity: Thought and Behavior.

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